Human Society & Its Environment

HSIE's archaeological dig site at Cromer Campus.

The HSIE archaeological dig site at Cromer Campus

The Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) faculty has one of the largest number of subjects for students to select during their six years at Cromer Campus. With 12 uniquely different, topical and challenging subjects, choosing becomes the most difficult part.  The dedicated HSIE staff strongly focus on developing our students to be of an independent mind and provide them with the skills to become socially responsible members of the Northern Beaches community.

Each student's individual talents and interests are supported. They are encouraged to reach for their full potential to achieve success in all they do.  Cromer students participate in raising awareness for a number of local and global charities linked to topics being studied throughout the year. 

In the junior subjects of HSIE (Geography and History combined), Commerce, Elective Geography and Elective History, students develop knowledge and essential understanding of both historic and current issues in the world; in particular the Australian-Asia region. HSIE students are fascinated with the discovery of global communities; learning their social, cultural, economic and political lives.

The subject of Commerce allows those students with a passion for law, politics and business an opportunity to gain a foundation in these areas, setting a strong foundation for senior studies.

Elective subjects offered in both Year 9 and 10 History and Geography allow those students who are talented in these subjects to extend their knowledge and skills further with specialised learning programs that are tailored to the student's's specific interests.

The junior subjects equip students with the methodologies required for the continued outstanding success with the senior subjects of Modern and Ancient History, Senior Geography, Society and Culture, Legal Studies, Economics, Business Studies and Extension History.

Excursions are extremely popular with both students and staff in this faculty. Every year a number of our subjects take students to locations such as the Collaroy Beach, the Police and Justice Museum, Warriewood Wetlands, the NSW Courts, The Rocks, the Jewish Museum, and IKEA.  While in the senior school, students attend a number of study and specialist lectures throughout the year, which allows them to gain a high standard of knowledge for the HSC examinations.