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Last updated 2:16 PM on 29 November 2016

Press Conference

Year 8 NBSC Cromer Campus students gathering for a Press Conference

The English faculty decided to create an authentic experience to support Year 8 students as they undertake their study of magazines. In Week 3, Year 8 English students held a press conference which enabled them to question a panel of ‘experts' who could inform them about positive developments at Cromer Campus. Representatives from each Year 8 English class asked the panel a series of questions compiled by their classmates. Each student will be including these expert quotes from the press conference to write feature articles for a school magazine English assessment.

We would like to thank our panel for support this initiative. The panel included Principal Mr Hong, Head Teacher PDHPE Mr Jon Hanna, Music Teacher Mr Cameron McKee and our new school captains Caryn Greyling and Benjamin Dolahenty.

This authentic learning experience was highly praised by Principal Mr Hong who admitted he always enjoys opportunities to share positive developments happening at NBSC Cromer Campus with students.